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Keep Your Gym Floor in Pristine Condition

A polished and immaculate wooden floor is an essential part of any gymnasium. Users will be impressed with its clean, shiny good looks – and get an extra buzz from working out on a classy surface that inspires them to push that little bit harder.

But a gym floor has to withstand serious punishment from heavy equipment to the pounding of feet. With even the most resilient and durable surface, scrapings and progressive wear are inevitable. And eventually, your gym floor can become more seriously battered and damaged. There’s no cause for despair. It’s not a case of a major replacement job. Modern restoration will bring your floor back to life for years of further service.

This becomes a job for the professionals. Whatever the wood surface – call on Gym Floor Sanding Co. to restore its practical beauty by sanding and finishing.

The promise lies in the name – you can trust us to give you the best advice; provide the best service and work to the highest standards.

Gym Floor Sanding Co. has restored numerous wooden gym floors and knows the finishes that will last and provide the best value for money. Modern lacquers combine hard-wearing qualities with an attractive finish. They will prove a great investment and minimise the time when you need another coat.

We will restore your floor, give it a safe and durable surface – and remark it for its next period of service. Contact us today for the wooden floor your gym deserves

What Is Gym Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is not a complex task, but needs a clear understanding of how the process will affect the final surface finish.

It involves the careful removal of old sealant through a standard sanding process of three stages: rough, medium, and fine sand to strip, level, and smooth the boards to leave a high-quality finish.

Our sanders go right up to the edge of the floor and a couple of millimeters under the skirting board. They leave no trace of sanding marks and create a smooth, level surface.

If the newly-revealed bare surface proves to be damaged, the next stage involves appropriate repairs to the wood. The floor can then be stained to the desired finish – and finally sealed to provide hardwearing and long-lasting protection.

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Are Wood Floors A Good Idea For Restaurants And Cafes?

The eating out market in the UK is now worth over £54 billion. Despite consumer spending caution in other sectors, there is strong evidence to suggest that nothing is going to dent the growing popularity of visiting restaurants and cafes.

This means that new hospitality venues are springing up regularly, and established businesses are refurbishing premises and relaunching to carve their share of the market.

Though creating a competitive edge may be your biggest priority when opening or relaunching a dining out business, you will also want to ensure that fixtures and fittings are durable enough to stand the test of time. This starts at floor level, particularly as hospitality businesses are subject to both heavy foot traffic and also stringent regulations on hygiene and Health & Safety.

Benefits of well-sanded wood floors in restaurants

For many hospitality businesses, there is nothing to compare to the aesthetic benefits and durability of a well-crafted wood floor.

Expertly finished wood floors have warmth, and can be matched in shade and even colour to your décor. However, they are also strong enough to withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear. This includes not only foot traffic, but also the constant moving about of furniture and the inevitable spills and onslaught of dropped crockery and cutlery.

Professionally sanded and varnished wood floors in restaurants and cafes can also stand up well to the levels of moisture and the temperature variations, making them even more valuable around bars and in bathrooms.

Engineered wood floors are particularly resistant to the pressure and friction from chair legs and high heel shoes!

Reclaimed Wood Floors For Restaurants

If you wanted the extra reassurance that your wood floor would continue to look attractive and stand up to wear and tear, you may want to consider using reclaimed wood. Sanding and varnishing wood floors made recycling boards can lend the result more character. Professional floor finishing will bring out the wood’s quirks and features, adding extra warmth and interest. It also becomes not as noticeable if your flooring is less than perfect after a bashing from your patrons.

Contact The Floor Sanding Team today for a quote and advice on how to get the right level of hardwood flooring for your restaurant or café.

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